Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Style crisis

I've been thinking about different styles recently and tried to get inspiration for my own style. Right now I don't have a style. All my clothes are so goddamn boring and casual and LAME that it pains me to even look at my wardrobe! When I was like 16-18 I loved my "(j-)rock" style but when I started to date Pat I kinda gained some weight and well... here we are. X'D Love really does make you fat! Haha! Anyhow, now that we are on a diet and lost some weight, I've begun to pay more attention to what I wear rather than just wear the first hoodie that I stumble upon. Or that's what I'd like to do but the only problem is.... I don't have any nice clothes!!

Beautiful!! Minus the hairstyles of some...

I have looked through all the clothing stores like a million times and I HATE shopping clothes. I never find anything and I don't know what to buy or where to buy it! I don't even know what looks good on me and then I get really frustrated and just want to go home, wear my god-awful sweatpants and never go out again.

Another issue is money. I'm a kind of person who would love to spend all the munnies as soon as I can but right now we need to save our money so I can't go crazy and spend all of it on clothes.. (( or on new games or some other crap... )) How is it possible that everyone else can buy new clothes all the time? Even ppl who are studying and working as part-timer (or not working at all)?! I'm working full-time, pay rent together with my bf and still I'm always broke!! Gosh, I wish we'd be millionares some day...

all pics from tumblr

Ok enough for the rant! Here's the deal: the day I reach my dream weight I'll start to improve my style like there's no tomorrow! I'll renew my whole wardrobe and get rid off all the lame-ass, tasteless clothes that I have now!! But until then... I need to just suck it up and deal with what I have. Which isn't much, but it's better than going out butt naked.. Hahah! And sorry about this "serious business" but it's just so sad that I might be the most unfashionable person in the whole world! X'D

My thoughts exactly... X'D

PS. Next thursday I'm going to get my shitty tattoo fixed. Woop woop!! I wonder what happened to the need of saving money?


  1. Et ole ainoa! :D Itsellä on ollut sama ongelma pukeutumisen suhteen jo monta vuotta. Kauheasti kaikenlaisia erilaisia tyylejä haluaisi kokeilla, mutta itselläni ei riitä itseluottamus pukeutua pinkkiin röyhelöiseen lolitamekkoon, saati että maksaisin semmoisesta monta sataa euroa ;; J-rock/visual kei on enemmän omaan mieleeni, mutta farkut ja huppari- linjalla siis edelleen mennään...

  2. Sanos muuta! Mäki haluisin kokeilla vaikka mitä erilaisia tyylejä mut en raaski/viitti/jaksa ostaa mitään monen sadan euron rytkyä jota käytän sit kerran ja toteen et joo ei oo mun juttu. XD

    Ja netistäki haluis tilata vaikka mitä kaikkee kivaa vaatetta mut sinneki paukkuu sit yhtäkkii taas niin paljon rahaa et pitää loppu kuu syödä kynsinauhoja.

    Huppari ja farkut ftw! X'D Masentavaa...

  3. Mun blogista löytyis sulle One lovely blog award, jos et oo sitä sattunut ennen saamaan :-)




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