Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Vincent Valentine's Day

Zelda Link
So on weekend we finally finished The Legend of Zelda Skyward sword and after seeing all the Zelda-games I gotta say that this was almost the shittiest of them all... As a regular game it was ok, but.. I don't know.. As a Zelda it was missing something and it didn't have the same, wonderful atmosphere as in other "big" Zelda-games. Also for the first time I didn't even like the music although I've always loved Zelda's soundtrack. (Ok, there were 2 good songs but the rest of them were bs!) So that was a big disappointment 'cos to me music is one of the most important factors in games. The final boss was super cool looking but the fight wasn't epic at all! >:  ( And it was too easy to beat! At least it looked like it, since Pat was the one who played the game and I only watched.. Or maybe he's just so awesome player that it was child's play for him! XD
Anyway after defeating the game Pat was struck by Zelda-fever and now we have to buy these super-duper cool wallscrolls from ebay. This always happens to us when we get excited about something! Oh well... atleast I'm getting a new Miku Append scroll too. Haha! Goodbye money... ; n ;

To celebrate the Valentine's day (and our 5 years 10 months -anniversary XD) we decided to go eat in a restaurant called Hollywood next to our home. I had really delicious steak with veggies & frenchfries. Pat had some hamburger. The food was sooo good and eventhough we were already full we just had to order cookie & ice cream for desserts... Damn those were good! It sure was a great valentines-dinner. XD

Half eaten mozzarella sticks...

Btw, I started to play Skyrim again (yeah I had a little break with it) and I feel like some drug addict 'cos I can't stop playing it. And if I need to go to gym or somewhere else, I'm feeling down because I can't be playing Skyrim instead... Should I be worried? X'D I mean... What the hell will happen to me when Mass Effect 3 comes out? I'll probably get myself fired from my new job... Oh geez.. XD

My thoughts exactly !! (from tumblr)

I also decided to go fix my PlayStation tattoo at the end of this month (and we're supposed to save money..... oops..).  If I can get an appointment that is, but let's hope for the best. I can't stand this horrible thing in my wrist any longer so it's time to make it prettier. Kekeke!

Hail to the king baby!

(from tumblr)


  1. I so agree with you about Skyward Sword. I really thought it would be better because it was described as "the best Zelda-game ever", the best my ass...

    And about the music, gotta agree with you again! I found only 1 song good, what a disappointment :/ I'm pretty sure it was because Koji Kondo didn't make the music to this game.

    But of course there were good things in the game too! Happy Valentine's Day to you!

  2. So nice that someone agrees with me! All my friends were like "OMG how can you say that?!?" when I raged to them about Skyward. XD

    It's sad that Koji Kondo doesn't make the music in Zelda-games anymore. And same could say about Nobuo Uematsu and Final Fantasy. :( Those two are such a brilliant composers!

    Happy Valentine's day to you too! <3

  3. Well all of my friends agree with me and almost no one has had the interest to play it through :D

    And yes, oh yes, Nobuo Uematsu is one of my favorite composers with Koji Kondo and Yoko Shimomura! So brilliant people ♥ I didn't even know Uematsu quit, that's too bad :/

  4. Jännä juttu, mä kun oon kuullut vaan hyvää tuosta Skyward swordista. Ainoo mikä on joillain kavereilla ollu huono puoli kuulemma on se uudenlaiseen miekanheilutteluun ja sellaseen totutteleminen. Ite en oo kokeillu, tiedän että mulla palais hermot sekunnissa.

    Niinkuin kävi Skyrimin kanssa, jaksoin pelata sitä ruhtinaalliset 10 minuuttia ja olin valmis heittään koneen seinään :-D

  5. Mulla on jääny myös Twilight Princess vähä taka-alalle just ton miekan takia, en vaan jotenki välitä siitä :D Tykkään paljon enemmän perus ristiohjaimesta, varsinki käsikonsolien Zeldoista.

  6. No se on kyl välillä tosi hermoja raastavaa toi wiin kanssa riehuminen ku tunnetustikaan noi sensoriohjaimet ei oo mitään maailman parhaimpia ja lukee välillä niit liikkeitä ihan miten sattuu.. :D

    Taika, miten sulla pystyy palamaan hermot Skyrimin kans? XD Eilen taas juurruin sohvaan enkä muuten hievahtanu koko iltaan ku jatkoin sen pelaamista. Tosin jos pelaisin PC:llä ni en varmaa kyl ite jaksais niin paljoo pelaa ku mitä nyt pleikalla. Huhu! :D



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