Sunday, March 11, 2012

Blog award 'n stuff

Wohoo I got my first blog award from Taika! Thank you so much ~ !! (^w^)

1. Link back to the person you got it from
2. Tell 7 random facts about yourself
3. Give the award to 15 bloggers

I'll give this award to these bloggers (not exactly 15 but who counts... XD) : 

Aaaand here are the facts:

- I'm a liquorise (finnish word "salmiakki") holic! I could eat liquorise for a living! It's absolutely the best candy in the whole world!!

- I collect anime/manga figures. Me and Pat are kinda otakuish and our shelves are full of different figurines and shit. Everytime we visit Japan we mostly spend our money on new figurines.... mostly.


- I'd love to cosplay someday! And when I do it has to be perfect! I've seen so many horrible cosplays and I definetly don't want to look like a total mess when I finally have the guts to cosplay something. :D

- My dream is to win the lottery and move to Japan with Pat and our animals and live there happily ever after.

- When I was younger I was determined to become a writer. I lost my passion to write for some time when I was in senior high school but now (thanks to Pat) I've started to write again and maybe someday I'll have my book published. Haha!

- I don't know what I want for the future and it stresses me sometimes. I should probably get more education but I don't have the slightest clue of what I want to study.

-  I HATE kids! I prefer animals over kids. Children are so annoying and loud and expencive and complain about everything not to mention when they are teenagers! Ewwhh, I get goosebumps even when thinking about having a child. I don't understand people who says that new born baby is the cutest thing in the world! You can hate me for saying this but imo babies are just ugly! Also parents who can't get their kids in control gets on my nerves too. Is it so goddamn hard to teach the child to behave?!

My plastic babes!

I'm sorry about the lack of posts lately! I've been really busy with the new job and everything. I started the security officer training last monday. We had 3 exams and I passed them all with great scores! I'm really happy! Now tomorrow we finally start the job in the airport. I'm a little nervous and excited in the same time. Luckily one of my new friends from the course have the same shifts with me so that's a big relief! Well.. tomorrow we'll see what's going to happen... XD

My blacklist of tattoo studios also got a new member! As I wrote before, I was supposed to get my tattoo fixed at Duck's Tattoo in Itäkeskus. Well first the dude that was going to do my tattoo was 45 mins late and when he finally showed up he had no clue of what I wanted. I explained my idea and then he just said to me that "I don't do color tattoos".... I was like what-the-flying-fuck?!-Are-you-for-real?! and tried to convince him to change his mind but NOOO. Wth, if that dude doesn't do color tattoos then why didn't anyone told me that when I was booking time for the tattoo?!?! Since the dude didn't want to do my tattoo, they asked for another tattooer to do it but he didn't want to because it had a circle in it!! He just told me that it's only going to look like an egg if he tries to do a circle on my wrist. What a buch of professionals indeed..... Then when I was already pissed off about the situation the two douche bags started to question my tattoo idea!! "Think it through 'cos it's going to be on you the rest of your life" or "Move on to the next tattoo already and quit fixing the old one!". I almost punched them in the face... For fuck's sake I'm the customer so maybe I KNOW what I WANT for myself!! And ofcourse I'll fix my old tattoo until I'm happy with it 'cos right now I don't want to even look at it!! Anyways, in the end I told them to give my money back and left the studio without a tattoo... After all that shit I have only one thing to say:

Fuck Duck's Tattoo!!

I'll go to Legacy tattoo when I have day-off.. At least they know how to treat a customer and do tattoos!


  1. uuuu kiitos tästä! :-) ja vähä ärsyttävä toi tatskajuttu.. :E tosi ammattitaidotonta

  2. Mäkin haluaisin cossaa joskus! :D En oo ikinä kun ei oo ollu pokkaa, mut ehkä vielä jonain päivänä c:

    Niin ja sit piti viel kiittää sua niist ehdotuksista ja infosta Japaniin liittyen! Vietettiin ihan mahtava loma Japanissa mun poikaystävän kanssa ^^. Yyy haluaisin jo takas ;__; Shibuya oli meiän lemppari! Käytiin myös siel DisneySea:ssa ja se show oli aivan upeee!

  3. Lotta: Ole hyvä! ^w^ Joo ihan ihme skeidaa se tatuointijuttu.. Eipähän tartte enää sinne mennä.

    Awinyaa: Oiii vitsi, tosi ihanaa et teil oli mahtava reissu!! <3 Eipä kestä kiittää infosta. Mullaki on ihan kamala matkakuume ja vielä pitäis jaksaa vuos odottaa!! XD



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