About me

Name: Janina
Nickname: Poara (or some sort of modification of it)
Birthday: August 3rd
Star Sign: Leo
Nationality: Finnish
Status: Happily married
Hobbies: Videogames, figures, dolls, photography
Likes: Japan, anime, manga, games, Vocaloids, animals, good food, cookies & fun people
Dislikes: Bees, fake people

Find me: My anime list or My figure collection

I'm a nice, somewhat funny and a little bit shy young adult. You could call me an otaku or some sort of nerd as well. :D I'm currently studying animation and videogame industry at vocational school and I hope to work in a gaming company someday. I'm married to my childhood crush and our little family includes 2 cats, Miu & Nami, and a dumb rottweiler called Kuma.

My interest in Japan and it's culture started about 10 years ago (omg I feel old saying that) and I've been lucky to be able to visit there 5 times already. The otaku culture is closer to my heart than any of the other cultural aspects, even though I try to study about them as well! My first trip to Japan was in 2009 and since then I've been collecting character figures more or less. I've never counted my figures but I guess there's about 500-600 figures all in all or maybe even more. Some of them are on the attic waiting for a bigger house. I wish that someday we can buy a biiiig house where I could have my own room for all the figures and dolls! Haha!

I started to collect dolls about an year ago and I'm still a total noob with them but I'm learning all the time! My favourite dolls are Pure neemos and Dollfie Dreams. I love their animeish look so that's why I haven't got any other bjd:s (yet... :D). Right now I have 4 pure neemo dolls and one DD but I'm planning to get my second DD as soon as I find a perfect head for her. But damn this hobby is expensive... XD

I'm also really passionate about video games! I play games every single day! My all time favourites are Monster Hunter-series, Last of Us, Mass Effect-trilogy, Dragon Age: Origins, Final Fantasy VII and Tekken. I'm a hardcore Playstation fan and even have a tattoo of it in my arm. Haha! We also have every Nintendo console in our house since my hubby is more of a Nintendo guy. In games I enjoy a good story but sometimes it's fun to play some mindless action shooter as well! So yeah... I play games. A lot. XD

Oh well, if you wish to know more or have something to ask about me, don't be afraid to ask!
Nice to meet you ~ !! (๑>ᴗ<๑)


  1. Moi! Mie laitoinkin tästä aiheesta siulle s-postia useampi kuukaus takaperin, mutta kun et ikinä vastannut siihen niin koitetaas tätä kautta. Niin mistä sie hommaat nuo siun nendoroidit? Mie oon haaveillu niistä jo pitkään mutta en uskalla lähteä tilailemaan ihan mistä vaan tuntemattomilta sivuilta, jos olisi antaa jotain neuvoja? :) Kiits!

    1. Nyaaawwh, anteeksi, etten oo huomannu mailia!! Mulle tulee tonne seydith-mailiin niin hirveesti roskapostia et oon vaan ehkä epähuomiossa klikannu sunkin mailin pois!! ;____;
      Mä ostan nendoroidini monestakin eri kaupasta, yleensä käyn aina kattomassa mistä saa halvimmalla ja tilaan sieltä. Amiami.com, http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/, hlj.com ja nippon-yasan.com on yleisimmät mistä tilaan. Joitain nendoroideja on myös pakko tilata suoraan Good Smile Companyn sivuilta, jos ne julkasee jonkun erikoisnendoroidin mitä ei muualla myydä. Muuten en kyllä kauheesti GSC:ltä suoraan tilaile koska niillä on hirveen kalliit postikulut verrattuna muihin sivustoihin. Amiami on kyllä ehdottomasti tutustumisen arvonen, siellä on edulliset postikulut ja valikoima on tosi laaja (ja sieltä saa ostettua käytettyjä nendoroidejakin tosi edullisesti!).
      Toivottavasti tää autto edes pikkasen ja löydät mielisiä nendoja! Varotuksen sananen, että niihin jää sitten hyvin helposti koukkuun ja pian sitä huomaa, et hyllytila alkaa loppumaan..... ;D Ja anteeksi tosissaan, etten ollut mailiasi nähnyt! m(_ _)m



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