Friday, February 3, 2012

Final Fantasy XIII

Yahhoooo ~ !! I'm so happy right now because I finally got a new job! No more crappy, assboring office work! And the best part is that I'll go to work for the same company as Pat, yay!! (/ ^3^)/ ~The job starts March 5th and I'm already excited! Woop woop!

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The other day I managed to finish the Final Fantasy XIII. Sure was a great timing since the FFXII-2 is out now! :D It took me about 1,5 years to finish the game because at first when I played it about half way through I started to lost the interest in it. I had a loooong break from the game and now year later I decided to finally finish it. For the principle.

Ok, so honestly I don't know what to say about the game... It was absolutely horrible from the start to the end. The only good thing was Lightning and Fang 'cos those two are just so badasses! And later on against all odds I started to like Hope too.. But everything else... It's just full of crap! The summons (or eidolons in this game) were nice but I didn't use any other than Odin since Lighting was always my party leader. So after few summonings it got really boring to use it but I didn't want to change my party (and organize battle styles all over again) just for one summon. 

Shiva sisters summon - two sisters who turn into a motorcycle...

Vanille & Fang

Then the story... oh god, the story was so lame! Even I would've done better!! There wasn't any plot twists, the story wasn't even interesting and running straight from point A to point B was starting to get on my nerves after 10 hours of gameplay. When playing some game I want to explore and do miniquests etc. but nooo... Oh, and not to forget the battles where you don't have to do anything! Just keep pressing X and the fight will handle itself. Only thing you need to do is to switch between different fighting styles for example if your health is low you switch your fighting style from fighter to medic and so on. Also if the party leader dies, it's game over. Just like that. Even though the two other party members are in full health and feeling all fine and dandy. But thankfully there's a retry option!

FFXIII's main characters
Music was ok, not great but I've heard worse. I didn't like the songs with singing in them, but otherwise the music was listenable.Voice acting was good but it would've been great to have the dual-audio (damn you xbox!! >n<)9 ) 'cos, naturally, I prefer japanese voice acting over the english one. The graphics were beautiful and the CG-animations were incredible but thats about it. In conclusion I must say that this is one game I'll never ever touch again, that's fo sho.. XD

Anyway, I'm happy that the game is finally over and I can consentrate on the FFXII-2 which looks much more promising. Especially I'm waiting for Light and Hope's reunion 'cos I'm a big fan of that pairing. Kekeke...

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Look at them cuties!! >w< (from e-shuushuu)

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  1. Alotin just toissapäivänä pelaamaan Final Fantasy-sarjan kolmattatoista osaa ja viiden tunnin pelaamisen jälkeen oon täysin samoilla linjoilla sun kanssa. :--D

    Tarina on ollut alusta saakka tylsä ja yllätyksetön, pelaaminen tuntuu siltä kun vain juoksisi suoraa putkea pitkin eteenpäin taisteluihin. Myös taistelut ovat olleet tähän saakka tarpeetonta kädestä pitämistä, kun pelaajana ainakin itse toivoisin enemmän vapautta tehdä omia valintoja ilman puoliautomaattista taistelumekaniikkaa.

    Kivan näköinen pelihän tuo on, ei siinä mitään... mutta siihen se aika pitkälle jääkin.

    Odottelen vielä hetken, ennen kuin uskallan hankkia FFXIII-2:n pelihyllyyni, vaikka se ihan lupaavalta vaikuttaakin! :3



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