Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Style crisis

I've been thinking about different styles recently and tried to get inspiration for my own style. Right now I don't have a style. All my clothes are so goddamn boring and casual and LAME that it pains me to even look at my wardrobe! When I was like 16-18 I loved my "(j-)rock" style but when I started to date Pat I kinda gained some weight and well... here we are. X'D Love really does make you fat! Haha! Anyhow, now that we are on a diet and lost some weight, I've begun to pay more attention to what I wear rather than just wear the first hoodie that I stumble upon. Or that's what I'd like to do but the only problem is.... I don't have any nice clothes!!

Beautiful!! Minus the hairstyles of some...

I have looked through all the clothing stores like a million times and I HATE shopping clothes. I never find anything and I don't know what to buy or where to buy it! I don't even know what looks good on me and then I get really frustrated and just want to go home, wear my god-awful sweatpants and never go out again.

Another issue is money. I'm a kind of person who would love to spend all the munnies as soon as I can but right now we need to save our money so I can't go crazy and spend all of it on clothes.. (( or on new games or some other crap... )) How is it possible that everyone else can buy new clothes all the time? Even ppl who are studying and working as part-timer (or not working at all)?! I'm working full-time, pay rent together with my bf and still I'm always broke!! Gosh, I wish we'd be millionares some day...

all pics from tumblr

Ok enough for the rant! Here's the deal: the day I reach my dream weight I'll start to improve my style like there's no tomorrow! I'll renew my whole wardrobe and get rid off all the lame-ass, tasteless clothes that I have now!! But until then... I need to just suck it up and deal with what I have. Which isn't much, but it's better than going out butt naked.. Hahah! And sorry about this "serious business" but it's just so sad that I might be the most unfashionable person in the whole world! X'D

My thoughts exactly... X'D

PS. Next thursday I'm going to get my shitty tattoo fixed. Woop woop!! I wonder what happened to the need of saving money?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gaming things that make you rage !!

I saw this in Lotta's blog and thought it was so awesome that I had to do one of my own too! XD

Btw I got to try PS Vita on sunday and it was absolutely WONDERFUL!! Though I'm not going to buy PSV until there's a game that I really want to play (*waiting anxiously for the announce of new Monster Hunter-game for Vita*). I tried the new Uncharted: Golden Abyss and I gotta say that it looks amazing! And runs smoothly too. Eventhough many reviews are bitching about Vita being crap and so on, I'm still sure that against all the prejudices it will boost it's sales as long as it first gets a couple of good titles published for it. I have faith in Sony! ^w^

Monday, February 20, 2012

Fighting & dates!

Last weekend we went to see Pat's co-workers playful fighting tournament at Kisahalli. There were 3 fights in total. The first one was a boxing match, the second was a kick-boxing and the last one was the most anticipated mixed martial arts match. Our friend Toni (who was totally the underdog) owned the match and won 3-0! The fight looked so cool and there were blood everywhere so it was definetly worth the 3 euros we had to pay! XD After the fights, I felt my blood boiling and decided that I'm going to start training from this point on and try to participate to the next years tournament and kick some ass! Haha! 

Then we went to eat in a tex-mex restaurant called Gringos Locos. I had mozzarella sticks (again!) and beef minute steak, grilled vegetables and french fries. Why can't I be rich enough to eat in a restaurant every day?! I would love to do so if only I had the money. XD The food was so goddamn delicious! One dude (don't know/remember his name) took the Wall of Fame-dish (beef sirloin stake brushed with extremely hot Naga-chili pepper sauce, lime & chili butter, grilled vegetables, tomato sauce seasoned with habanero, and fiery Creole potato wedges) and the rules were simple: Eat the dish within one hour and your picture will be placed on the Wall of Fame, you will get a certificate of your bravery, as well as a T-shirt which you can wear with pride!

We all cheered for him as tears came out of his eyes while eating the dish. He managed to eat all of it until the last bite... There were literally only one bite left and the waiter even folded the t-shirt for him and all but then suddenly that dude stood up and ran into the bathroom to throw up!! Gosh, that was depressing! We were all so sure that he could do it.. And it was the last bite!! Oh well.. I'm just glad that he made it to the bathroom in time instead of throwing up on the table or something! Pat wants to try that challenge too sometimes and when he does, I'll be sure to take the camera with me!

I downloaded purikura app and this is the result...

On sunday Pat took me on a date. ^w^ We went to the movies to watch Journey 2: The mysterious island. It wasn't so shitty as I expected but it could have been little bit longer because everything happened so fast. I'm not a big fan of Dwayne Johnson but this time he was ok even with his peck pop of love-thingy.. All in all it was a nice movie to see at least once in your lifetime. XD

Pat also bought Final Fantasy XIII-2 Limited edition for me and yet again he made me the happiest girl in the world! I love him so much! He sure knows how to make my day. Huhu.. ^w^ In the evening we ate chinese take away and played my new game!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Vincent Valentine's Day

Zelda Link
So on weekend we finally finished The Legend of Zelda Skyward sword and after seeing all the Zelda-games I gotta say that this was almost the shittiest of them all... As a regular game it was ok, but.. I don't know.. As a Zelda it was missing something and it didn't have the same, wonderful atmosphere as in other "big" Zelda-games. Also for the first time I didn't even like the music although I've always loved Zelda's soundtrack. (Ok, there were 2 good songs but the rest of them were bs!) So that was a big disappointment 'cos to me music is one of the most important factors in games. The final boss was super cool looking but the fight wasn't epic at all! >:  ( And it was too easy to beat! At least it looked like it, since Pat was the one who played the game and I only watched.. Or maybe he's just so awesome player that it was child's play for him! XD
Anyway after defeating the game Pat was struck by Zelda-fever and now we have to buy these super-duper cool wallscrolls from ebay. This always happens to us when we get excited about something! Oh well... atleast I'm getting a new Miku Append scroll too. Haha! Goodbye money... ; n ;

To celebrate the Valentine's day (and our 5 years 10 months -anniversary XD) we decided to go eat in a restaurant called Hollywood next to our home. I had really delicious steak with veggies & frenchfries. Pat had some hamburger. The food was sooo good and eventhough we were already full we just had to order cookie & ice cream for desserts... Damn those were good! It sure was a great valentines-dinner. XD

Half eaten mozzarella sticks...

Btw, I started to play Skyrim again (yeah I had a little break with it) and I feel like some drug addict 'cos I can't stop playing it. And if I need to go to gym or somewhere else, I'm feeling down because I can't be playing Skyrim instead... Should I be worried? X'D I mean... What the hell will happen to me when Mass Effect 3 comes out? I'll probably get myself fired from my new job... Oh geez.. XD

My thoughts exactly !! (from tumblr)

I also decided to go fix my PlayStation tattoo at the end of this month (and we're supposed to save money..... oops..).  If I can get an appointment that is, but let's hope for the best. I can't stand this horrible thing in my wrist any longer so it's time to make it prettier. Kekeke!

Hail to the king baby!

(from tumblr)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Soul Calibur V

Huhuhuhu.... Guess what we bought last friday?

Tadah! SOUL motherfuckin' CALIBUR V bitches!! I've been waiting for this game like forever and right now I couldn't be happier! WOHOO! Eventhough my first impression of the game was a bit disappointing, but after getting used to the new changes I absolutely love it!!

Ok, long story short.. Soul Calibur is a 3D fighting game where you fight with characters who wield different kind of weapons insted of just using bare fists like in Tekken or Dead or Alive. SC has some crappy storyline which usually includes the corrupted evil sword Soul Edge that needs to be destroyed with the "good sword" Soul Calibur. SC V's story takes place 17 years after the events of Soul Calibur IV so many of the games original characters have been replaced with new fighters. It's nice to have some new blood on the game but I still think some of them are just too cheap-ass clones from the previous characters. Thankfully there's few brand new fighters with really unique fighting styles that are really great addition to the series!

I've always considered Soul Calibur as one of my favourite fighting games and it's mostly because of the weapons and character creation. Usually fighting games tend to have only those utterly boring fistfights with nothing special in them so Soul Calibur definetly is a nice change to that bunch! But character creation is the thing that makes SC so great! With it you can make your own characters into the game. You can customize characters body, hair, armor, tatoos, voice etc. etc. You can customize in-game characters too! I usually spend more time to create characters other than playing the actual game! Custom characters really makes the game much more fun to play. XD Soul Calibur V is also beginner-friendly (imo), so don't worry if you haven't played fighting games before. You can still kick some ass!

There's also guest characters in Soul Calibur-games. In SC IV there was Darth Vader, the Apprentice (from Star Wars Forces Unleashed-game) and Yoda. Now the game have only one guest character, Ezio Auditore from Assassin's Creed-series. There's also "Soul of Devil Jin" (from Tekken) which is extra fighting style that you can use on custom characters.

But then the bad part (for me that is)... The BIGGEST UNFORGIVING MINUS in the Soul Calibur V is that Tira's (my ultimate favourite char) voice actor has changed!! My heart was broken when I heard Tira speak for the first time in the game. ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) How dare they replace Jennifer Hale (for example Mass Effects fem. Shepard's voice) with some random dudette?!? Grrraaahh!! Oh well... I got over it pretty soon since I found myself another favourite character besides Tira, and she is...

Pyrrha Ω (*0*)

Isn't she pretty? ( ^3^) ~ 
I've seriously kicked ass with my new fighter-lady!! Our friends are coming over on Friday so then we'll see if I can walk the walk. Haha!

That's all for now, sorry for the games-only updates but you know me...
Gotta love those games.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Final Fantasy XIII

Yahhoooo ~ !! I'm so happy right now because I finally got a new job! No more crappy, assboring office work! And the best part is that I'll go to work for the same company as Pat, yay!! (/ ^3^)/ ~The job starts March 5th and I'm already excited! Woop woop!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The other day I managed to finish the Final Fantasy XIII. Sure was a great timing since the FFXII-2 is out now! :D It took me about 1,5 years to finish the game because at first when I played it about half way through I started to lost the interest in it. I had a loooong break from the game and now year later I decided to finally finish it. For the principle.

Ok, so honestly I don't know what to say about the game... It was absolutely horrible from the start to the end. The only good thing was Lightning and Fang 'cos those two are just so badasses! And later on against all odds I started to like Hope too.. But everything else... It's just full of crap! The summons (or eidolons in this game) were nice but I didn't use any other than Odin since Lighting was always my party leader. So after few summonings it got really boring to use it but I didn't want to change my party (and organize battle styles all over again) just for one summon. 

Shiva sisters summon - two sisters who turn into a motorcycle...

Vanille & Fang

Then the story... oh god, the story was so lame! Even I would've done better!! There wasn't any plot twists, the story wasn't even interesting and running straight from point A to point B was starting to get on my nerves after 10 hours of gameplay. When playing some game I want to explore and do miniquests etc. but nooo... Oh, and not to forget the battles where you don't have to do anything! Just keep pressing X and the fight will handle itself. Only thing you need to do is to switch between different fighting styles for example if your health is low you switch your fighting style from fighter to medic and so on. Also if the party leader dies, it's game over. Just like that. Even though the two other party members are in full health and feeling all fine and dandy. But thankfully there's a retry option!

FFXIII's main characters
Music was ok, not great but I've heard worse. I didn't like the songs with singing in them, but otherwise the music was listenable.Voice acting was good but it would've been great to have the dual-audio (damn you xbox!! >n<)9 ) 'cos, naturally, I prefer japanese voice acting over the english one. The graphics were beautiful and the CG-animations were incredible but thats about it. In conclusion I must say that this is one game I'll never ever touch again, that's fo sho.. XD

Anyway, I'm happy that the game is finally over and I can consentrate on the FFXII-2 which looks much more promising. Especially I'm waiting for Light and Hope's reunion 'cos I'm a big fan of that pairing. Kekeke...

from tumblr
Look at them cuties!! >w< (from e-shuushuu)

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