Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New eyes

Before christmas I went to Specsavers to have my eyes finally checked. My farsight has been poor for years already and (sadly) after the vision test I needed to buy glasses. I've had hard time to accept the fact that I have glasses now and I still use them mostly only while playing videogames or watching TV. But I gotta admit that after wearing glasses I've finally learned the true meaning of HD graphics! :D Suddenly all the games looks 1000 times better than before! Yay, no blurry shit graphics anymore!! It's also nice to be able to see so clearly now when I'm out. So to tell you the truth, it was about time I got glasses!

Hobo with glasses
Anyhow.. since I have glasses now I also got a good reason to order my very first circle lenses, naturally with Pat's Mastercard... I've wanted ones for a long time already and I ended up ordering my first lenses at shoppingholics.com and it took about a week for them to arrive so it was really fast! At the same package I ordered the BB-cream and eyedrops for the lenses. The shipping was free since the total order was over 50 $.
So definetly a great deal imo!

I bought the Princess Mimi Apple Green lens with diameter of 15 mm. Green is my favorite eyecolor and even though my own eyes are green I wanted to have green lenses on which I'm able to highlight my own eyecolor even more. Still, I gotta admit that first I was feeling like some drugjunkie or alien when I looked at myself in the mirror while wearing the lenses.. But after I got used to them I started to love them even more! 

Last time I used contact lenses was about 5 years ago and at first I was little afraid to put these circle lenses on but after few mistakes it was a lot easier than I'd thought! And they are comfortable to wear too.

So the parcel came on friday and on saturday I got great opportunity to try the lenses in Pat's co-worker Kaisa's birthdayparty at Sokos Hotel Vaakuna. She had booked a corner suite from the 8th floor for the celebrations and I gotta tell ya, the suite was really, really nice! And the view over the centre of Helsinki... so cool! I have only few blurry phonepictures from that evening, but if we get the photos from her later I may post some of them in here.

My lovely and terrified Princess Nami

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mennään naimisiin! - The wedding fair

Picture from Google

I'm little bit late with this post but oh well... Few weeks back we went to check out a wedding fair in Helsinki's Wanha satama! We've never been in a wedding fair so it was really nice experience for both of us. Pat's mother and brother (his bestman), also came with us but my dear maid of honor had flu so she couldn't make it to the fair. (; n ;)

We were there early in the morning so we could take our time while browsing and avoid the biggest mass of people. The purpose of the fair for me was to go get some inspiration and different ideas for our wedding. I already have the dress so we skipped all the crowded wedding dress booths and checked only the ones we really wanted. We mainly browsed rings because I had no idea what kind of ring I want to have and most of them were overly priced! I know I will carry the ring for the rest of my life, and that it's the one and only ring but I'm still not going to pay 4000 euros for one ring! That's a total rip-off!

I was about to lose my nerves when finally we wandered at Kultajousi's (my engagement ring is from that shop) table and I asked the staff to show one of the rings in display. It was a multicolored (gold, white gold and red gold) ring with few diamonds in it, and as soon as I saw it in my finger I knew that it was THE ring. It was absolutely perfect and it merged together incredibly well with my engagement ring! I was afraid to even look at the pricetag 'cause it seemed so expensive, but for my surprise it cost only 599e! Wohoo!! I also got a discount coupon with me to get 20% off of the price! We're still thinking about what to do because we've also thought about getting our own designed rings crafted somewhere.. We still need to visit the Kultajousi's store to admire the ring before we make our final decision. ((Haha, I really wonder about the change of heart 'cos at first I swore that I will never ever wear a ring made of yellow-gold and
now look at me... XD))

After the whole ring-thing I no longer had the patience to concentrate on anything. We have so different taste of what the fair offered so we decided to stay with the d.i.y-cards, -menus and so on. The theme of our wedding is (surprise, surprise) videogames and ideas related to it, so I'm eager to see what we will come up with..

We also saw the wedding dress fashion show and we even spotted a couple of old competitors from Finlands next top model-TV show. The other one was Pat's old classmate from junior high. Haha! The dresses weren't that special and most of them were just the basic shit what majority of wedding dresses are nowadays. There were couple more special individuals but... god, those were terrible!! Luckily I don't have to stress about the wedding dress anymore or I would be screwed by now.. XD

"Famous" finnish dance instructor Åke Blomqvist

After the fair we went to eat in some restaurant called Le Grill (or sumtin'.. I don't remember anymore) in the WTC-building and the food was really tasty and they had biiig steaks!! Yummieh ~ !! I also ate the most wonderful brownie dessert I've ever had in my life! The restaurant was a bit expensive but my wonderful mother-in-law paid for all our foods! O.O She's just amazing. <3 We had really fun and it was nice to sit there for a long time with good company and talk about everything. Eventually, we were sooooo full that even my jacket couldn't fit for me anymore so we decided it was the best for us to go home. XD

We had such a great time and I would really love to do things like this more often! We're just so lazy to go anywhere 'cos it's easier to just mold in our home playing games. :D Well maybe we'll get a hold of ourselves and start going out more often!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

2 0 1 2

So here it is... The doomed year of 2012. I gotta tell ya, this year didn't start as well as it could have. One morning I overslept so I ended up being late from work, and I've never been late when it comes to work. School doesn't count.... XD Then Pat got some sort of infection on his big toe which spreaded all over his foot and he couldn't walk for few days! He couldn't even sleep because the pain was so horrible and painkillers didn't help at all. Thankfully the infection is starting to heal little by little and he can walk again.

Despite the lame ass beginning, I'm really looking forward to the year 2012!! I know this will probably be the most stressing year ever but it's all going to be totally worth it in the fall when I can finally walk down the aisle to be by my childhood first love's side. Oh, I can't wait! >w<) ~

New Year resolutions for year 2012

1. Lose weight
We started the low carb diet and working out last summer and I lost 10 kg like in two months. I still have long way to go to gain my dreamweight but I know we can do it! I still need to lose atleast another 10 kg or so until I can fit in my wedding dress. We started low carb diet again at the beginning of this year and now we also try to go to the gym more often. Ganbatte ne ~ !!

2. Save up money
We'll go to our honeymoon to Japan in spring 2013 so we're going to need cash... And a lot of it. XD The weddings will also cost us a lot of money even though my parents are paying for the venue and foods.

3. Apply to school
Actually this resolution goes to the "maybe pile". We have some serious money-saving to do so if I'll go to school our incomes will drop vastly. I'd love to start studying again but right now it seems pretty unlikely.. Well... worst case scenario, I'll try to apply next year!

4. Try to find a better workplace
What more can I say? I really don't enjoy my work right now so I'll try to search a better place. In lame-ass Finland it's really hard to get a nice job but I won't give up on it that easily!

5. Try to be more social
I'm really shy around new people so sometimes it's hard to make new friends or just talk with someone who's not that close to me but I'll try to improve myself in this as much as I can and be more social!

6. Reduce gaming
............. Just kidding!! Many good games are going to come out this year so it's not even possible to reduce gaming! XD And even if it was, I don't want to. Games are my passion and I'll continue to play until the day I die!

That's all folks!! Now I'll go to play Just Dance 3 with Playstation Move and burn off those calories! X'D

Walrus eating a churro!

Monday, January 2, 2012

X-mas gift haul

First of all Happy New Year to everyone!! I can't believe it's already 2012... Finally I can say that we're getting married this year!! Hihihi ~ !! <3

As one of my New year resolutions I decided to start to write this blog in english because I've noticed that my english skill is starting to disappear like a fart in a fan factory... X'D There will be plenty of typos and grammar mistakes but please forgive me, I'll do my best! m(_ _)m

Then back to christmas! I had the most wonderful christmas this year and everything went as planned (except I didn't get any day offs from work!). Christmas is my favourite time of the year and now I'm kinda sad that it went by so fast. I got an awfully LOT of presents again eventhough we promised not to buy so much this time! (I tell ya, I'm being spoiled to death! Shame on Pate and my mother-in-law!)

Gifts under the tree.... ( ̄∇ ̄*)

Anyways.. long story short, here's some of my 2011 christmas gift haul (yet again I was too lazy so I didn't take pictures of all the gifts (u__u)" Oh, and some of the gifts are for both of us, not just for me :D):

Playstation Move controllers and a charger

PS3 games (If anyone is wondering, we had to buy two Saints Row 3 games
so that we can play it in co-op :D)

PS Move games, the Medieval-game is soooooo crappy! What a waste of money. X'D

Really nice boardgames to play with friends!

Some books and Mass Effect comics (°0°) ~

Moomin comic and new manga!

There wouldn't be a christmas without the Simpsons! DVD-seasons and a comic.

Pat's MGS Peace walker: Big Boss -figure

Pic somewhere from the internet

Okay, here comes ranting about that Miku Append-figure! First of all I've always said to myself and my friends that I HATE Figma-figures. That was the case until I saw this beauty... I waited christmas mostly because of this figure. Then when I opened the box I was like WTF IS THIS SHIT?!!  ლ(ಠ_ಠ ლ) It didn't look anything like in the picture. The joints look absolutely terrible in the real figure and some of its joints are so loose that I can't put it in a position which I want. THANK GOD it wasn't really that expensive 'cos this Figma-figure is ULTIMATE FAIL. Imo that is. I should have known that this figma isn't going to be much different than the others I've always hated. This will definetly be my first AND LAST Figma-figure ever! (>д<)

This Miku-wallscroll is PERFECT!

and new lovely Miku-hoodie (obsessed much? XD)

Cute bathrobe with nekomimi

Nightie with pictures of our pets printed in it

Warm furry booties/slippers/what ever they are called in english.. XD

SO ADORABLE lipglosses!! I love those!

Cupcake jars, chopstick holders, chinese tablet and rice bowl

More cute rice bowls and Moomin Winter 2011 -mug

Moomin glasses

Movie tickets and ticket for Stand up-show

I also got a new vacuum cleaner, candy, money and skin care products. I'm really, really happy and grateful of all the gifts (exept the Miku-figure, but I bought it so I'm not being ungrateful towards anybody)!! Next christmas I really hope that we can control ourselves and buy only 1 or 2 gifts for each... yeah, like it's going to happen Huhuhu ~ !

That's all for now! I'll be back soon with some New Year resolutions! Baiii ~ ! ( ⌒o⌒)/

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