Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New eyes

Before christmas I went to Specsavers to have my eyes finally checked. My farsight has been poor for years already and (sadly) after the vision test I needed to buy glasses. I've had hard time to accept the fact that I have glasses now and I still use them mostly only while playing videogames or watching TV. But I gotta admit that after wearing glasses I've finally learned the true meaning of HD graphics! :D Suddenly all the games looks 1000 times better than before! Yay, no blurry shit graphics anymore!! It's also nice to be able to see so clearly now when I'm out. So to tell you the truth, it was about time I got glasses!

Hobo with glasses
Anyhow.. since I have glasses now I also got a good reason to order my very first circle lenses, naturally with Pat's Mastercard... I've wanted ones for a long time already and I ended up ordering my first lenses at shoppingholics.com and it took about a week for them to arrive so it was really fast! At the same package I ordered the BB-cream and eyedrops for the lenses. The shipping was free since the total order was over 50 $.
So definetly a great deal imo!

I bought the Princess Mimi Apple Green lens with diameter of 15 mm. Green is my favorite eyecolor and even though my own eyes are green I wanted to have green lenses on which I'm able to highlight my own eyecolor even more. Still, I gotta admit that first I was feeling like some drugjunkie or alien when I looked at myself in the mirror while wearing the lenses.. But after I got used to them I started to love them even more! 

Last time I used contact lenses was about 5 years ago and at first I was little afraid to put these circle lenses on but after few mistakes it was a lot easier than I'd thought! And they are comfortable to wear too.

So the parcel came on friday and on saturday I got great opportunity to try the lenses in Pat's co-worker Kaisa's birthdayparty at Sokos Hotel Vaakuna. She had booked a corner suite from the 8th floor for the celebrations and I gotta tell ya, the suite was really, really nice! And the view over the centre of Helsinki... so cool! I have only few blurry phonepictures from that evening, but if we get the photos from her later I may post some of them in here.

My lovely and terrified Princess Nami


  1. Oii tosi kivat silmälasit (sopii sulle tosi hyvin) ^_^ Ja nuo piilolinssit♥ oon ajatellu itekkin joskus hankkii sellaset. btw, lähetin sulle viestiä tossa yks päivä, mutta se tuli vissiin mun vanhalla sähköpostilla, jota en voi joistain syystä avata :/ että jos vastaat siihen niin lähetä toiseen osoitteeseen, se näkyy mun profiilissa~

  2. Awwh, kiitos ihana! ♥
    Pistinki kommenttia sun blogiin tosta asiasta ku en saa sitä viestiä mitenkään auki... *sob*



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