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Mennään naimisiin! - The wedding fair

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I'm little bit late with this post but oh well... Few weeks back we went to check out a wedding fair in Helsinki's Wanha satama! We've never been in a wedding fair so it was really nice experience for both of us. Pat's mother and brother (his bestman), also came with us but my dear maid of honor had flu so she couldn't make it to the fair. (; n ;)

We were there early in the morning so we could take our time while browsing and avoid the biggest mass of people. The purpose of the fair for me was to go get some inspiration and different ideas for our wedding. I already have the dress so we skipped all the crowded wedding dress booths and checked only the ones we really wanted. We mainly browsed rings because I had no idea what kind of ring I want to have and most of them were overly priced! I know I will carry the ring for the rest of my life, and that it's the one and only ring but I'm still not going to pay 4000 euros for one ring! That's a total rip-off!

I was about to lose my nerves when finally we wandered at Kultajousi's (my engagement ring is from that shop) table and I asked the staff to show one of the rings in display. It was a multicolored (gold, white gold and red gold) ring with few diamonds in it, and as soon as I saw it in my finger I knew that it was THE ring. It was absolutely perfect and it merged together incredibly well with my engagement ring! I was afraid to even look at the pricetag 'cause it seemed so expensive, but for my surprise it cost only 599e! Wohoo!! I also got a discount coupon with me to get 20% off of the price! We're still thinking about what to do because we've also thought about getting our own designed rings crafted somewhere.. We still need to visit the Kultajousi's store to admire the ring before we make our final decision. ((Haha, I really wonder about the change of heart 'cos at first I swore that I will never ever wear a ring made of yellow-gold and
now look at me... XD))

After the whole ring-thing I no longer had the patience to concentrate on anything. We have so different taste of what the fair offered so we decided to stay with the d.i.y-cards, -menus and so on. The theme of our wedding is (surprise, surprise) videogames and ideas related to it, so I'm eager to see what we will come up with..

We also saw the wedding dress fashion show and we even spotted a couple of old competitors from Finlands next top model-TV show. The other one was Pat's old classmate from junior high. Haha! The dresses weren't that special and most of them were just the basic shit what majority of wedding dresses are nowadays. There were couple more special individuals but... god, those were terrible!! Luckily I don't have to stress about the wedding dress anymore or I would be screwed by now.. XD

"Famous" finnish dance instructor Åke Blomqvist

After the fair we went to eat in some restaurant called Le Grill (or sumtin'.. I don't remember anymore) in the WTC-building and the food was really tasty and they had biiig steaks!! Yummieh ~ !! I also ate the most wonderful brownie dessert I've ever had in my life! The restaurant was a bit expensive but my wonderful mother-in-law paid for all our foods! O.O She's just amazing. <3 We had really fun and it was nice to sit there for a long time with good company and talk about everything. Eventually, we were sooooo full that even my jacket couldn't fit for me anymore so we decided it was the best for us to go home. XD

We had such a great time and I would really love to do things like this more often! We're just so lazy to go anywhere 'cos it's easier to just mold in our home playing games. :D Well maybe we'll get a hold of ourselves and start going out more often!

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