Monday, January 2, 2012

X-mas gift haul

First of all Happy New Year to everyone!! I can't believe it's already 2012... Finally I can say that we're getting married this year!! Hihihi ~ !! <3

As one of my New year resolutions I decided to start to write this blog in english because I've noticed that my english skill is starting to disappear like a fart in a fan factory... X'D There will be plenty of typos and grammar mistakes but please forgive me, I'll do my best! m(_ _)m

Then back to christmas! I had the most wonderful christmas this year and everything went as planned (except I didn't get any day offs from work!). Christmas is my favourite time of the year and now I'm kinda sad that it went by so fast. I got an awfully LOT of presents again eventhough we promised not to buy so much this time! (I tell ya, I'm being spoiled to death! Shame on Pate and my mother-in-law!)

Gifts under the tree.... ( ̄∇ ̄*)

Anyways.. long story short, here's some of my 2011 christmas gift haul (yet again I was too lazy so I didn't take pictures of all the gifts (u__u)" Oh, and some of the gifts are for both of us, not just for me :D):

Playstation Move controllers and a charger

PS3 games (If anyone is wondering, we had to buy two Saints Row 3 games
so that we can play it in co-op :D)

PS Move games, the Medieval-game is soooooo crappy! What a waste of money. X'D

Really nice boardgames to play with friends!

Some books and Mass Effect comics (°0°) ~

Moomin comic and new manga!

There wouldn't be a christmas without the Simpsons! DVD-seasons and a comic.

Pat's MGS Peace walker: Big Boss -figure

Pic somewhere from the internet

Okay, here comes ranting about that Miku Append-figure! First of all I've always said to myself and my friends that I HATE Figma-figures. That was the case until I saw this beauty... I waited christmas mostly because of this figure. Then when I opened the box I was like WTF IS THIS SHIT?!!  ლ(ಠ_ಠ ლ) It didn't look anything like in the picture. The joints look absolutely terrible in the real figure and some of its joints are so loose that I can't put it in a position which I want. THANK GOD it wasn't really that expensive 'cos this Figma-figure is ULTIMATE FAIL. Imo that is. I should have known that this figma isn't going to be much different than the others I've always hated. This will definetly be my first AND LAST Figma-figure ever! (>д<)

This Miku-wallscroll is PERFECT!

and new lovely Miku-hoodie (obsessed much? XD)

Cute bathrobe with nekomimi

Nightie with pictures of our pets printed in it

Warm furry booties/slippers/what ever they are called in english.. XD

SO ADORABLE lipglosses!! I love those!

Cupcake jars, chopstick holders, chinese tablet and rice bowl

More cute rice bowls and Moomin Winter 2011 -mug

Moomin glasses

Movie tickets and ticket for Stand up-show

I also got a new vacuum cleaner, candy, money and skin care products. I'm really, really happy and grateful of all the gifts (exept the Miku-figure, but I bought it so I'm not being ungrateful towards anybody)!! Next christmas I really hope that we can control ourselves and buy only 1 or 2 gifts for each... yeah, like it's going to happen Huhuhu ~ !

That's all for now! I'll be back soon with some New Year resolutions! Baiii ~ ! ( ⌒o⌒)/


  1. Oho, muutaman lahjan oot(te) saanu jouluna O_o Ja mitä lahjoja!!

    Noi cupcake-purkit on ihanat! Kattelin samanlaisia muistaakseni Tukholmassa viime kesänä, mutta en sitten raaskinu ostaa. Haluun sellaset vielä joku päivä keittiööni!

    Btw, vähän outoa nähdä ラブ★コン kirjoitettuna love★com O_o

    Hyvää uutta vuotta!

  2. Huhuhu... Niinpä! Seotaan aina vähän jouluna ton lahjojen ostelun suhteen, joten toi on sit lopputulos. X'D

    Mahtavaa uutta vuotta myös sulle! ^0^)/

  3. Saakos kysyä, mistä tuo Miku Hatsune- huppari on? Tosi ihana :3



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