Monday, March 26, 2012

New jobby & wedding night

Wraaaahhh, I'm so sorry for the lack of updates recently!! I've been super busy with the new job and when I get home after work I'm soooo tired that I just want to go to sleep. Gomen! m(_ _)m Soo... I started my new job as a security officer on Helsinki-Vantaa airport few weeks ago. It's been super fun and I've met new, wonderful people there. Only bad thing is that I have terrible travel-fever now (the airport does that... XD) and I still have to wait whole year for our next trip to Japan!! Anyway, right now I couldn't be happier for this job! I even get to work with japanese travellers and they always get me on a good mood! ^ω^

Someone liked our cocoa at work :D

Yesterday we went to the centre and I bought a new black hoodie for myself. Yay for the boring clothes! XD Anyways, we walked past the GLO Hotel which was one of our choices for the wedding night and since we were already there we decided to go ask for a room. GLO Hotel is in the middle of Helsinki's centre and it takes only about 10-15 mins to get there from our wedding venue! The receptionist was great! He spoke half finnish and half english and even offered to show the suites for us.

He showed us 3 different suites and one deluxe room. The first one was a corner suite and it was the most expensive and absolutely the most spectacular one! We were sold at first sight! The other rooms were nice looking too but they were nothing compared to the first one so when we came back to the reception desk the decision was clear.. And to sweeten the deal, the receptionist-dude told us that if we'd like we can have PS3 installed in our room when we arrive!! How cool is that?!! XD We booked the corner suite with Love GLO-package which includes a bottle of wine in the room, breakfast in the room and access to Kämp Spa sauna facilities. Perfect wedding night... here we come!!

Pics from Google

Pat also started to sketch our invitation card for the wedding. It's going to be really nice!! (≥ ω ≤) There's still lot to be done for our weddings but I'm so happy and full of spirit right now so nothings gonna stop me! Yarrr!!


  1. Sulle olis haaste mun blogissa. =)

  2. Ohhh, kiitos!! Koitan muistaa tehä sen pian! ^w^) ~ <3

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