Thursday, February 4, 2016

Tiny Angelic Angels!

I picked up these little cuties from the post office yesterday! The outfits of these nendoroid petit figures are from the Love Live! School Idol Movie. In the movie they perform a live concert in New York and the song is called Angelic Angel. These yukata outfits are definitely one of my favourites from the whole series (not to mention Eli with her hair untied..... *q*)! I'm so glad that GSC made these petit figures of them! Though I wouldn't mind having scale figures as well... Haha!

 I was pleasantly surprised to see that they included the stage backdrop with these figures! I though it was GSC online shop exclusive! Fortunately I was wrong about it! (^w^) The stage is straight from the movie and fits perfectly for these tiny angels!

 "Wha- what's this?! Honoka-chan's everywhere!!"

Aaaand here they are! Nicely wrapped in plastic.

 It's show time! Angelic Angel is one of my favourite songs since Eli is the center! There's no limit for the power of waifu!! Haha! I would love to see them perfom this song live...

Here's a better picture of the 1st years (Hanayo, Rin & Maki). I think there's something off with Rin's face. One of her eyes seems a bit smaller than the other but it could only be in my eyes only.. What do you think? Maki's hairbun is lovely!

The 2nd years (Kotori, Honoka & Umi). These poses are so cute and even though Umi is my least favourite, I absolutely love her hair in this outfit! Little Minnie Mouse! (>w<)

Last but definitely not least, the 3rd years (Nico, Eli & Nozomi)! Nico's smile is super cute and Eli's expression is a bit seductive like in the video... (*q*) I don't like Nozomis pose that much since it feels a bit awkward and her expression is too "stern" for the character.

Here is the music video from the movie!

Honoka's expression is super cute! Her smile makes me smile too!
They all have really small details on their outfits that are just too adorable to look at! Especially all the hair decorations are absolutely kawaii desuuu~~!!

Then on to the pairings as you can see... XD KotoUmi!



And the most perfect of them all: NozoEli!

"HEY! Stop pairing us you freak!"

This jump suit Nico was the secret figure of this set. She's so cute with that judgmental expression! Better not mess with Nico!

Okay and since I can't hold this information inside anymore I'm just gonna burst it out there. I'M GOING TO TOKYO AT THE END OF MARCH TO SEE μ's FINAL LOVE LIVE! Omg I'm so super excited that I can't even put it into words!! I get to see them perform one last time as a whole group! Hnnnggghh!!

It all started when I decided to buy the limited edition Love Live School Idol Movie bluray to enter the exclusive lottery for the concert tickets. I was so sure that I would win at least one ticket and finally when the results were announced, I didn't win. I was so devastated and I cried almost the whole day about my loss. Pat consoled me and told me that one way or another I will get to that concert. Then I decided that yeah screw the lotteries, I'll take the risk and buy a ticket from Yahoo Japan if it comes to that but I was definitely going to go to the concert in one way or another! Soon after they announced another ballot and this time it was open for everyone. I knew I had absolutely zero chance to win a ticket from public lottery but decided to take part in it anyways. And finally today they announced the results and I f*cking got a ticket!! My hands were shaking like crazy when I read the email and then I started to cry, but this time it was tears of joy! Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine to win a ticket from a public lottery!! And I still pinch myself time to time to make sure that I'm not dreaming...

Queen Eli brought me good luck!


  1. Lotteries are evil xO but somehow Japan loves them. I had such bad luck getting concert tickets from them ;_;
    Congratulations on getting them though :D! Yay for Japan trips x3 x3

    Your tiny figures are so adorable, I like how they all have such individual styles and personalities!

    1. They sure are!! But since there are soooo many people trying to get the tickets in Japan the lotteries are the only way to make it even relatively fair for everyone.. Thank you! Yay for Japan trips indeed!! <3

      Love Live-girls are so adorable!! I just love them to bits!

  2. Nää on niin nöpösiä! ♥ Mustakin tossa Rinin naamassa on jotain outoa... En kans hirveesti tykänny Nozomin ilmeestä :< Oot saanu otettuu niin kivoja kuvia nuuu~

    Ja onnee viel kerran lipusta, ihan mahtavaaaa!! ♥

    1. Nyuuu ~ Kiitos!! Oliko sunkin Rinin naama ton näkönen vai onks mulla vaan joku bugiversio? XD

    2. Vertasin viel kunnolla ja mulla on ihan samannäkönen Rin XD Aina ei oo helppoa olla figuuri, joskus näyttää vähän derpille...

  3. Ihania pikkusia! ♥

    Ja hirrrmuisesti onnea lipusta! Kerrassaan upeaa!! 8D

    1. Hihii, kiitos!! Oon vieläkin ihan täpinöissä! (♥u♥)

  4. Congratulations on your great win Janina, lady luck sure smiled at you! i like your cute little Nendoroid figures, they are very cheerful and cute with their fans. :)



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