Thursday, July 30, 2015

Bishoujo Statue: Juri Han


My bishoujo-collection got a new member some time ago. She's Juri Han, the baddest of the badasses from the video game called Street Fighter IV! I'm not a huge fan of Street Fighter games (TEKKEN FTW!!) but if I play it with my friends, I always play as Juri. She's South Korean and fights using Taekwondo. Her design is gorgeous and she's just the perfect villainess! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♥


Box art. Shunya Yamashita is the god of anime/manga art!!


With every bishoujo figure you get few different plastic decorations you can add on the stand. It's super nice detail in my opinion. I put the one with Juri's picture on my stand.


Here you can barely see the decoration on the base.



Isn't she beautiful?! I absolutely LOVE the color palette of this figure! Her pose is super cool and suits Juri perfectly! That spider on her back is creepy cool and I love how it's "legs" squeezes her boobs giving them extra softness. Mm-mm!! (Sorry, I sound like some pervert... XD) The hair is also very well done and the light hits it beautifully making it look more detailed. The paintwork on her skin is also top quality! Her back and belly looks so real! (ノ゚ 0゚)ノ~



Close ups of her goodies! ♥


Her face is so well done and I love that tongue BUT there's a big minus of this figure as well... She can only be photographed from one angle. Her face looks gorgeous while taking photos like these in this post, but when you turn the figure even a little bit and try to take photo straight of her face, this happens:


I think she looks a bit herpty-derp from this angle. Her eyes and eyebrows looks weird and I think they made a big mistake with this. But not that it matters when everything else is so great with her! I just need to position her to the shelf so that no one can see her from the wrong angle... XDD


Photographed like this she's one sexy villainess! She just needs to work her best angles like all real models do! Haha! XD

* * * * * * * * *

Here's a small demonstration of Juri in action:


  1. Ei oo oikein tullut Street Fightereita pelattua (oon kanssa Tekken fani ♥), mutta nää hahmodesignit näyttää tosi hienoille ja mm. tähän Juriin on tullut kiinnitettyä huomiota! Hienosti onnistunut tää figuversiokin, upea lisä teikän kokoelmaan >3<

    1. Hihii, meijän täytyy tehä sitte porukalla joku kunnon Tekken tournament ku se seiska ilmestyy Pleikkarille!! \(>w<)/
      Juri on kyllä nätti kaikissa kuvissa mut itse pelissä sil on vähän liian isot jalat ja kädet mun makuun... XDD Onneks ne otti vähän vapauksia tän figun kanssa, ettei ihan identtistä tehny mitä pelissä!

  2. Oh very nice Janina! What a gorgeous shaped body, great expression and lovely boobs and booty!

    1. Thank you!! ♥ Yeah tell me about it! She's one sexy piece of plastic indeed!! XD



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